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You are probably surprised that you see the real pictures of CLaN DJ members on our web page.
Well, our clan is the oldest one in Daikatana and some our members have known each other for  a year or even more. We are all very good friends with each other and this helps us to keep up good relations and stability within the clan. 
Now you can put a face to the elite player that fragged your ass! Have fun checking out the team and check our "profiles" section for more in-depth player information... L8r

I AM DJ RETRODRIVE Here is DJ RETRODRIVE. He lives a strange way of life. One month he's a pimp and you can find him at every party around SDSU campus, the other 3 month he's a total geek at his computer playing DK or surfing all day. At this geek stage, getting pussy is all about total and complete luck, but happens. If your looking to get HAMMERED in deathmatch, talk to this man.
Yes, I am Jean Claud Van Dam. Chilling in DA CRIBBAGE Seriously, where the fuck am I and what am I doing???


Here is the man himself, DJ CROWZ-NEST (aka. DJ KAMAKAZI)... the lady pleaser. This guy is probably the biggest pimp around the whole of Mplayer. If you see him online and he is not stoned or drunk... please tell me right away.. I gota talk to him :) Damn this guy can move! Sworn as CLaN DJ leader, he will guide our team into... fucking disaster!

YES, I'm a mean mother fucker and YES, I will tear your arm off. In the hands of a highly trained and skilled K9 handler TAG TEAM DJ's going to work da clubs Again, This dog knows who is master. One too many brain cells burnt and never to be recovered :( DJ KAMAKAZI in combat action with the Remmington 870 12 gauge pump Black, sleek, 290hp, this Lincoln Mark VIII has the driver it needs... KAMAKAZI 
eeeeeeeeeee....PUSH..eeeeeeeeee, it's comming.  Capone the Pitbull does the duty I'm just so stoned, I'm not sure what I'm suppost to be doing One damn fine, special women.  I was her 1st love.... then she had to leave Canada :( ...One day... This is a covert arms deal in the middle of nowhere Now even at the age of 1, it's never too early to be a mix master bUnning the fat ones in the Linc FUCK YOU, I'm goin on a nature hike 
Ya, this is a very steep hill and YES that is Capone in the rapids below....I'm ok. The look of owning someone on Daikatana...comfy aren't we No burning, no drinking, just a nice Sunday Dog Drive Waiting to PARTY at Wasaga Beach....Night will be here soon and NO, this ain't your fathers Volkswagen. ARRRRRRGGGHHHH....HIT with the Ion Blaster!!! You want to Fuck wit dis?  Bad move. I have no patience with pop cans 
Getting ready to make a mix tape with the 1200's DA BADASS Pentium II 266... I know..I know.. you wish but only good boys can get this system. WE BE THUGGING DAT SHIT Not bad...not bad.. Now imagine Capone jumping for your neck NO MORE CLAN DJ at the moment.....IT'S NOW TIME FOR CLaN RE/MAX

I AM DJ HAPPY CAMPER. DJ HAPPY CAMPER.... Y'all are dead when this guy comes around with POWER UPS. Dont expect any mercy whatsoever.... and yes we are VERY serious. He is a Medical Doctor in real life and his cure for the blues is a strong dose of Frags!

Who says that doctors can't cook? Sorry, no time to frag now...I'm off to the races This is a whole world of importance, my fam.  YES, thats right... I'm one Happy Camper with this machine The sidewinder rocket launcher is on backorder, installing it next week YES, WE HAVE A DOC IN THE HOUSE!!!..... is Superfly going to be ok???? Some cats enjoy being tossed around vigorously in a dryer....really.  

I AM DJ TRASHER DJ TRASHER ... Now when times call for elite, THIS IS your man. If your looking for quality, THIS IS your man. If you want to live, STAY AWAY from this man. Pure and simple...this elite member will shake you up bad with the rockets. If your DJ..well, then you have nothing to worry about.

YA. I'm a THUG... so what of it! Don't even look at me the wrong way....but if you do, but if you do, my mother would say, my mother would say...have you ever seen your body made into pasta, down by the bay It's a day for relaxing so don't ask me for any 1vs1 today. thrash5.jpg (61203 bytes) Some things in life are very important  

I AM DJ M.A.C.E Here is DJ MACEDONAS...he has just come in after a busy day at university...where he successfully finishes his PHD in Genetics. This pic of him shows what Xena The Princess Warrior would have looked like as XENO!

XENO to the rescue!!! YA I'm chilling now but just don't get me started If there is anything I can do as good as's this. No one told me that Mount Everest would be this much fun.  This is childs play Look at me, I'm one fucking relaxed dude.  If you don't want any pain, take me to the beach, I'm calm here

WOW, You can't even tell.... lol. DJ CROWZNEST and our dearly deported DJ COVERGIRL. Awww, what a sweet couple. Too bad they both cheat on each other like bitches.

I AM DJ DEVIL_DOG Here is DJ DEVIL_DOG... This man's skillz have been quickly increasing recently and has because of this entered the ranks of CLaN DJ. He is a quick FFA player that will race to the frag limit real fast. Make sure you don't stand around in the game when this man is present.... unless of course you have a death wish. Not only is he a marine in real life... but one in-game as well.
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