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DJ RETROACTIVE (The Webmaster)


Age: 19
Interests: Surf, Women, Cars, Communist Party j/k, Sex, Women, Sex, Women...
Birthday: 15 September 1980
Comment: Thug till I die
Nationality: Russian
Job/School: San Diego State University
Favorite Saying: WTF? Where did that come from?, Word up dawg
Current Location: San Diego, CA
Favorite Activities: DK, Chicks and Beer, Pimping
Favorite Download:

PoRn, DK, *.mp3, warez, anything free

DJ CROWZ-NEST (The Founder) 


Age: 26
Interests: SEX, Computers, MONEY
Birthday: 30 August 1973
Comment: Don't fuck around, this is serious shit!
Nationality: Spanish / Chech (Canadian born)
Job/School: Re/Max Realtor
Favorite Saying: OK this may hurt a little
Current Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada (The Earth)
Nickname Hisory DJ CrowzNest, Alice the Maid, DJ CAMPER, H9-Crowznest, DJ MetaPhase, DJ Bladerunner, DJ KAMIKAZI, DJ CROWZ-NEST
Favorite Activities: making cash, spending cash and killing make believe characters
Favorite Download: Daikatana Demo :)




Interests: Hiking, camping, backpacking, swimming, sportbikes, jetskis, autocrossing.
Birthday: Yep.  Once a year
Comment: Did I mention I like to camp?
Nationality: American, but if you mean ethnic heritage, Chinese-Korean
Job/School: Healthcare/Loma Linda Univ./Univ. of Health Sciences-COM/Univ. of Kansas School of Medicine
Favorite Saying: "As if!"   "Huh?  Teleport?"
Current Location: CA
Nickname History:
Favorite Activities: Mining the mine guns, watching my ping stay at 9999 for 20 seconds while I'm frozen in the middle of the street with power and attack on Gibbler, mining the servers on Mplayer
Favorite Download: BlindDate AVI

Age: 18 
Interests: Mental exploration, oposite gender, first person shooting, martial arts, philosophy, mind games.
Birthday: July 12 1981
Comment: No
Nationality: White Suburbanite
Job/School: Senior High School
Favorite Saying: "a;sldfkjas;ldfkjadf"
Current Location: Buffalo NY
Nickname History: Khorne, Lumper, ROBODOJO, da phonz, rawlag mcfrag, r_madskills 10, purple haze, nig,
nig nig, nigglet, busta bust, busta shit, busta reames, -negative, Mc graw, null set, leetraw mcgraw, sensai
Favorite Activities: First person shooting, psychonautical adventuring
Favorite Download: quake packets

DJ MACEDONAS (The Greek God)


Age: 31
Interests: Hot Babes, Genetics, Computers, Telemarketing, Skiing, Mountaineering Biking
Birthday: 23 September 1968
Comment: My ping sucks!
Nationality: Greek
Job/School: PhD candidate/University of Utah
Favorite Saying: Die Bitch!!!
Current Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Nickname History: Macedonas 331, DJ Macedonas, OrgnDonR, VD-OpenSore
Favorite Activities: Camping, Poker, Poke Her
Favorite Download: Greek Mp3's

Age: 17
Interests: Soccer, Hunting, Computers, Your Mom
Birthday: 3 August 1982
Comment: It's not so much that I don't remember, it's just more than I chose to forget
Nationality: White/American
Job/School: Senior in High School
Favorite Saying: Keep it steady
Current Location: Cincinnati/Ohio
Nickname History: Kata5, T.S. Kata5, Aftershock187, Split7, DJ KATA5
Favorite Activities: Hunting, Soccer, Partying, Keeping it steady
Favorite Download: Diakatana, of course

DJ VEGA (The Supreme)


Age: 15
Interests: Soccer, Sleeping
Birthday: 28 August 1984
Comment: DJ VEGA is the greatest of all time
Nationality: American
Job/School: High School High
Favorite Saying: You hate me cause you ain't me
Current Location: Cincinnati, OH
Nickname History: Vegabond3, DoT-Vega, DJ SWIFT3, DJ VEGA II
Favorite Activities: Sleeping
Favorite Download: DK


Age: 27
Interests: fast cars and hacking
Birthday: TBD
Comment: no comment (read the press release)
Nationality: Earth born
Job/School: programmer
Favorite Saying: blow me
Current Location: Earth (North America)
Nickname History: Ni9iN, DJ XBONES
Favorite Activities: racing and coding
Favorite Download: Without a doubt: Daikatana Demo!

DJ FEAR III (The Flyer)
Age: 28
Interests: Boxing, Hunting, Football, Computers, Gaming
Birthday: 11 May 1971
Comment: Fear is in the Eye of everyone
Nationality: American
Job/School: Dell Comp
Favorite Saying: Fucking Mining Pussy!!!
Current Location: Austin, Texas
Nickname History: NoFear0420, Ruger216, DJ FEAR III
Favorite Activities: Drinking and Deathmatch
Favorite Download: *.mp3