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Starting Your Own CLaN want to start your own clan eh? Before you do so, you might want to consider a few things first. Being a Team Leader might seem really cool. You can tell everyone "HEY" I'm a clan leader". Sounds pretty cool huh? Well I'm here to tell isn't so cool. If you are seriously thinking about becoming a clan leader, this is what is going to happen. I put up with this shit everyday. After your done reading you may change your mind.

Remember High School?

Day one (You enter the lobby with the new letters in front of your name. From this second on, everyone in the lobby wants to know who you are, and if you are any good. The private messages will start rolling in. You'll probably get some messages like this: "You think your good? Take me one on one?".."YOUR TEAM SUX"..."YOU SUCK"...." LOL your a leader?"...and so forth. Most people are going to want a piece of you. If your really good, you will have nothing to worry about in most cases. But if you have a low self esteem, you'll probably change your name because of the insults....
Then someone will probably start talking about you in the main lobby. You'll see things like this..."HEY GUYS LOOK ANOTHER DAMN LEADER...LOL"...or this "Oh geez another new clan...They wont last long"...or maybe this "Anyone who sux can join the new clan...LOL". Now your self-esteem is really getting a beaten. Hopefully you survived this far. The next thing you do is recruit members.

Need to bug out fast!


Now you'll probably make a room called "TRYOUTS. Now you really are going to get people screwing with you. You just invited the whole lobby in your room. Not only people looking for a clan to join are going to come in. You are gonna have other clans coming in to see how good the new guy really is?? Hopefully you are good enough to hold your own. The next thing you do, is you get a couple members and now you have a team.....

Can You Keep Up?

Now that you have a team...what are you going to do?? Every clan is going to want to play you guys. Everyone's favorite thing to do is sit in the lobby and yell "YOUR TEAM SUX...LOL"...and say all kinds of shit about your team. Your team will see this stuff and start to wonder if they should quit or not??
You now have a team, and you need to keep this team going right? You want the guys to like you, and want them to stay loyal and not quit, right? NOW YOU NEED TO BUILD A FRIENDSHIP WITH YOUR TEAM, AND PRACTICE BEHIND LOCKED DOORS!!

Things to Do

Here is a list of things I do as a leader in the Y2K Crime Family in order to keep my clan well communicated, and well organized. Can you do it?

Practice with the guys daily
Log on to heat everyday, even if its just to say hello
Get everyone's Email address. Send them email every week or so with New team members, news, website changes, meetings...etc
Provide them with a nice looking website
Hold frequent team meetings with entire team to discuss issues
Provide them with their very own team uniforms
Make everyone a part of the team. Give them specific jobs...such as a Captain,a Recruiter, A Team Coordinator, A skin maker, A webmaster etc..
Build a strong solid friendship with each other. Talk about other stuff then the game. Get to know each other better.

Keep the team spirits up. Tell the guys they are doin a good job.
Play with your guys in matches/tournaments. Setup matches/Tournaments
BE PREPARED FOR PEOPLE TO JUDGE YOUR TEAM BY THE WAY YOU ACT!!!! Be a good role model. Don't recruit shittalkers.

So You STILL Think Your Ready?

Are you still interested in becoming a Leader of your own clan? I can go on and on with more responsibilities of being a team leader, but hopefully you get the point. If you are still interested after all you have read here, then you will do just fine......Good Luck with your new clan. See ya in action!!

Author: Y2KxTLxTheHawk of KingPin

Y2K Clan" Web Page

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