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<2prong> Welcome to the daikatana chat.
<2prong> This chat is moderated. Please submit all questions to 2prong.
<2prong> <Nero> What can we expect in terms of
<2prong> enhancements to the engine to better the
<2prong> gameplay experince?.
<2prong> <Nero> What can we expect in terms of
<2prong> enhancements to the engine to better the
<2prong> gameplay experince?.
<Sleestak> Shawn??
<Ion_Shawn> That's and involved question. There have been many changes. 
<Ion_Shawn> Some graphical
<Ion_Shawn> Alot of AI enhancements
<Rocketman> Hello everyone
<2prong> This chat is moderated. Please submit all questions to 2prong.
<Ion_Shawn> anything specific you're loking for? <done>
<2prong> <phungui> Whats the target PC that
<2prong> Daikatana will run Really fast on? Video
<2prong> card etc..
<Sleestak> PII-300+
<2prong> <phungui> Whats the target PC that
<2prong> Daikatana will run Really fast on? Video
<2prong> card etc..
<Ion_weasl> TNT2 is nice too ;)
<2prong> <cyan> how much ram
<Ion_Shawn> P2 450 with a GeForce and 128Mb of ram would be good
<Sleestak> That would be all you need for speed
<2prong> <g3rmz> How will Daikatana deal with
<2prong> freindly fire? Will it be completely
<2prong> disabled? or will you have to be carfull
<2prong> about not hitting your sidekicks?
<Ion_weasl> you can punk superfly down if you want....
<Sleestak> Yep, in fact they'll cuss you out if you hit them
<Ion_Shawn> You'll have to be careful with the sidekicks. You can hurt them
<Ion_Shawn> It's actually kinda fun though.
<Ion_Shawn> I've got a test level that I like to quish them on...
<Ion_Shawn> er. quish = squish
<2prong> <ImMortal> Will there be
<2prong> any other servers besides
<2prong> Mplayer? Because most of us
<2prong> are getting tired of the lag
<2prong> and other problems!
<Sleestak> shh, no names please... :)
<Sleestak> Take it chalrez!
<Sleestak> Yes, Mplayer is just one of the places it will be hosted
<Sleestak> There is an in game internet game browser
<2prong> Zoid asked me to
<2prong> pass on: <Zoid> "I've been really looking
<2prong> forward to a coop game since Quake2. I'm
<2prong> hoping that Daikatana will be as much fun
<2prong> in coop as Quake ever was! But I've read
<2prong> the listen server being hiro. I've actually
<2prong> really enjoyed playing on "dedicated" coop
<2prong> servers. Is there any way to set up a
<2prong> dedicated coop server? Can more than
<2prong> three players play?"
<2prong> that coop is restricted to three players, with
<Sleestak> Three players is the max, that's all the characters there are.
<Ion_Shawn> Yes, you can connect to a dedicated server in co-op..
<Ion_Shawn> But only 3 players.
<2prong> <cyan> has the netcode changed any?
<Ion_Shawn> since the game/story revolves around it...
<Ion_Shawn> tHe net code is still pretty much the same...
<2prong> <tomservo> will there be a full
<2prong> single player demo before the
<2prong> release of the game?
<Ion_Shawn> Nope. The game will be released first
<Sleestak> There will be a single and multiplayer demo after the game ships
<Ion_Shawn> maybe a demo afterwards...
<Sleestak> We need to rest a little while...
<2prong> <asspenny> What happens if a
<2prong> player dies in Co-Op? Back to the
<2prong> beginning?
<Chalrez> hehe
<Ion_Shawn> I need to rest a long while :
<Ion_Shawn> :)
<Sleestak> Back to the start of the sublevel
<Ion_Shawn> Yes, back to the beginning of the level.
<Sleestak> Sublevel...
<Chalrez> Yep. You'll respawn just as in deathmatch but you keep your inventory.
<2prong> <JoeKiller> OK, this is a serious
<2prong> question, Why should I buy
<2prong> Daikatanna, I mean, Quake3 looks
<2prong> good, but seriously, not much play
<2prong> there, I am tired of sitting around just
<2prong> shooting crap, what makes this game
<2prong> worth my 40 bucks
<Ion_Shawn> Daikatana may not be as advanced technologically as the current line of 3d shooters, but it's got a helluva lot of gameplay....
<Sleestak> Well, for one thing you've got 50 hours or so of single play, another 20 or so of coop, ctf, DM, Deathtag, etc....
adnans|RiSK is now known as adnans|RiSKUDontWannaKnow)
<2prong> This chat is moderated. Please submit all questions to 2prong.
<Sleestak> That's about 50 cents an hour!! hehe
<Ion_weasl> only 20 hours?
<Sleestak> coop...
<2prong> <Creeker> Will Ion be working with the MOD
<2prong> community? similiar to the stuff that Valve has done
<Sleestak> you can rip through Coop with buddies faster than the single play
<Sleestak> I don't see why not. 
<Sleestak> We have nothing formal planned at this time though
<2prong> <DKo5> How many CDs will DK ship on?
<Ion_Shawn> We'll do what we can. Due to the nature of the game, there are alot of specifics that cannot be changed (sidekicks, etc...)
<Ion_Shawn> daikatana will ship on 1 cd
<Ion_Shawn> ( bareley...)
<Sleestak> 1, we went with mp3 dialogue and music to fit it on one
<2prong> *> Fubar do you have to share
<2prong> weapons and health with sidekicks?
<Sleestak> I see alot of Mplayer guys here...
<Ion_weasl> yep
<2prong> <Carla> Q: are all the cut scenes
<2prong> rendered using the game engine or
<2prong> do we get any nice fmv during the
<2prong> game?
<Sleestak> There is plenty for all in most cases
<Ion_Shawn> Yes, but the levels have been designed such that that should not be a problem.
<Ion_weasl> in game
<Ion_Shawn> All cinematics are in game.
<Sleestak> hey everyone..
<2prong> <kochsr> what has been the
<2prong> major problem with getting dk out the
<2prong> door? models, bugs, multiplayer
<2prong> code, bots? just tweaking stuff out?
<Ion_Shawn> Hehe.
<2prong> :)
<Sleestak> go shawn hahah
<Ion_Shawn> The main problem has been dealing with other people's code.
<guf> it was Ion_weasl's fault!
<Sleestak> let it all out....
<Ion_weasl> hey dont look at me
<Ion_Shawn> Um... I'll have to restrain myself from commenting further :)
<Chalrez> OPC is the root of all evil I think.
<2prong> JSHAW> question for many keyboards has he thrased in
<2prong> making daikatana?
<2prong> heh
<Sleestak> It's a very large game, with complex things (i.e. SIDEKICKS)
<Ion_Shawn> I've killed 2 or three ketboards.
<Ion_weasl> i've broken 2 so far, and the one im using is kinda busted
<Ion_Shawn> er. keyboards
<Ion_Shawn> I'm haveing a problem typing lately :)
<Ion_Shawn> and spelling
<Ion_Shawn> :
<2prong> <BarqMulch> what's the max.
<2prong> resolution the game can acheive with
<2prong> our spiffy new 3D accelerators?
<Ion_Shawn> :)
<Ion_Shawn> Actually, we're still at quake2 resolutions 
<Sleestak> 10
<Sleestak> oops
<Ion_Shawn> um, I think he want's specifics resolutions :)
<Noel_ION> You slacker KC!
<KillCreek> doh doh odh
<Sleestak> 1600X1200
<KillCreek> sorry!
<2prong> *> Whit 2Prong, The physics in the MPlayer demo
<2prong> were great, has there been any changes in the physics
<2prong> dept?
<Ion_Shawn> Glad you guys decided to drop in :)
<Noel_ION> Snack in a Boose!
<KillCreek> hahahahah
<Ion_weasl> late...AGAIN!
<Sleestak> Just about the same
<Noel_ION> Uh...
<KillCreek> thats a baldie question
<Sleestak> Can't hold down the jump key anymore though
<Ion_Shawn> Yeah, there have been physics changes, mostly fixes though.
<Noel_ION> Hahaha physics
<Sleestak> If you mean the feel, it's about the same
<2prong> <Spoon> Any of you guys manage
<2prong> to sneak dopefish in? ;-)
<Sleestak> hahaha
<Noel_ION> Yes
<KillCreek> no comment >=)
<Ion_Shawn> Um. Dopefish?
<KillCreek> bald.
<Ion_Shawn> That's good. Noel gices it away.
<Noel_ION> Hahahahaha
<Gwog> rofl
<Ion_Shawn> er gices = gives
<Noel_ION> Hey watch the bald comments... PROJECTION!
<Sleestak> what the hell Shawn?
<Ion_Shawn> Sorry, we wanted to surprise all you dopefish fans, but alas. Noel spills the beans
<Ion_Shawn> :)
<2prong> <ImMortal> What kind of copying security
<2prong> is there going to be? Is there going to be a
<2prong> CD-Key like in quake3 or anything?
<KillCreek> Im project something on baldie Brian over there
<Chalrez> Dammit Noel!
<Noel_ION> Uhhhh I never said yes to the dopefish question
<Noel_ION> I was talking about the physics thing
<Sleestak> Why, planning on copying it
<Sleestak> ?
<Chalrez> Mmmhmmm. yep.
<Ion_Shawn> Noel == busted
<Noel_ION> What's a Dopefish
<Noel_ION> ?
<KillCreek> copy protection? Shawn do you know how its going to work?
<Ion_Shawn> You'r a dopefish
<2prong> nice comeback..
<Chalrez> Sneaky Noel!
<2prong> <H9> WHICH DM MAPS
<2prong> MAKE USE OF A
<2prong> RUMORED "WIND
<2prong> DEVICE?
<Ion_Shawn> Actually, Eidos will be providing the copy protection during the mastering process
<Sleestak> The cd won't be copyable.
<Noel_ION> DARN!... uh.. oh..
<KillCreek> questions?
<2prong> ow...
<KillCreek> hehe
<2prong> <Burpfish> On the level editor, I was
<2prong> wondering if there will be a way to compile
<2prong> something like a .pak file in quake where after
<2prong> playing one level it'll go to another. Like making
<2prong> episodes
<Ion_Shawn> give us h9's question again, no-one answered
<Sleestak> H9, that's Hard Lesson
<Sleestak> an E4 map
<2prong> killcreek's getting ancy..
<2prong> :)
* KillCreek smiles
<KillCreek> Burp: yes, that will be possible
<2prong> <kochsr> is glide or opengl going to run better w/ dk?
<Noel_ION> Shawn?
<Sleestak> opengl only
<Sleestak> I think, Shawn?
<2prong> <ImMortal> Is there going to be
<2prong> model/skin support for the skinners and
<2prong> modelers?
<Ion_Shawn> OpenGL only
<2prong> This chat is moderated. Please submit all questions to 2prong.
* KillCreek looks at Shawn
<Ion_Shawn> In single play, you can change the skin by editing skinnames in the model
<Ion_Shawn> THe model format is a little different that the Quake2 format, but it should be easy to do
<Ion_Shawn> I'll prolly release some info on it.
<Ion_Shawn> After the game is done
<2prong> <kochsr> are there going to be any sexy models and levels in dk?
<2prong> levels..
<KillCreek> hahaha
<2prong> i love them sexy dm maps
<KillCreek> I think the levels are pretty sexy ... 
<Ion_weasl> i got sexy levels!
<KillCreek> Mikiko is rather hawt
<Ion_weasl> got some sexy textures too
<Sleestak> or levels of sexy
<KillCreek> so, yes.
<KillCreek> heh.
<Ion_weasl> bah mikiko is not hawt
<2prong> <bum16> how many skins/models is
<2prong> daikatana shipping with?
<Ion_weasl> quick count!
<Sleestak> BTW, Demo players. When I play the demo now I am bored. It does not compare. Muhahahahahaa...
<Noel_ION> Hahah
<Noel_ION> Uh
<Ion_Shawn> BRB. Putting up a new build...
<Ion_weasl> bah demo.. bah
<Noel_ION> Please narrow the question down... 
<Noel_ION> Like total skins for all monsters etc.. or number of skins a player can select?
<Ion_weasl> Noel_ION: thats what he means
<guf> multiplayer I think
<Noel_ION> like 3 models
<Sleestak> Three models with many skin colors
<Noel_ION> with like around 6-7 skins each
<Ion_weasl> something like 7 skins per models
<Rocketman> four color so skins times 3 charachers
<Sleestak> like 10 or so
<Noel_ION> same skin really
<Noel_ION> different color themes
<Sleestak> ahaha
<Sleestak> who's lying
<KillCreek> Anyone know the final monster count?
<2prong> <UberGamer> Does every
<2prong> texture have its own unique
<2prong> pallete (half-life)?
<guf> heh
<Noel_ION> eheh
<Chalrez> lots?
<Sleestak> 64
<2prong> i think he means episode...btw
<Ion_weasl> every map has its own pallete
<2prong> <Afterglow> Why did you
<2prong> choose bombs for Deathtag and
<2prong> not the classic hit the switch, run
<2prong> across nukage and hit another
<2prong> switch point system ala Doom2?
<Sleestak> depending on what you call monsters, i.e fish, seagulls etc
<Rocketman> Actually it there are 12 colors x 3 characters, 36
<Noel_ION> The bomb was made to add to the fun
<Noel_ION> you know
<Noel_ION> certain amount of time
<Noel_ION> if you don't make it
<Noel_ION> you are a pile of ass gibs
<Sleestak> nice
<Sleestak> ehhe
<KillCreek> Afterglow: even though its a bomb the play dynamics are extremely close to that of deathtag. Just with the different way this engine works the bomb seemed to be the best options. Its just as
intense as the original.
<guf> "ass gibs" is a technical term
<2prong> mmmmmm
<2prong> makes me hungry..
<Ion_weasl> Noel_ION: what happens to your mister winky gibs?
<2prong> heh
<Noel_ION> ?
<Noel_ION> Winky gibs?
<Ion_weasl> you dont have a mister winky?
<2prong> <kochsr> how meaty are the
<KillCreek> after: Another coo lthing is that if you get killed with the bomb you drop it. Your teammate can pick it up, or the other team can touch it and make it explode. Speeds things up even more.
<2prong> gibs?
<Sleestak> Very
<Noel_ION> Ahahaha REAL meaty
<KillCreek> very, very meaty
<Chalrez> heh. they're awesome.
<Noel_ION> Big clouds of blood
<KillCreek> MEGA meat
<Noel_ION> MAJOR clouds
<KillCreek> ULTRA
<Noel_ION> nice juicy sounds too
<Sleestak> sloppy flesh ripping sounds and Plops
<Noel_ION> yeopers
* KillCreek screams "HARDCORE"
<2prong> <Mindfreak> Have you managed to
<2prong> get all the cheats out of the game Ie:
<2prong> Timescale etc...?
<Noel_ION> spent HOURS making sure they will make you sick
<Noel_ION> Shawn?
<Ion_Shawn> We did not completely remove the cheats from the game, but you do have to have cheats enabled to use them
<Sleestak> Shawn got the lists from you guys and addressed them
<KillCreek> enabled on the server, yes?
<Sleestak> I.E. the server has to set cheats to on.
<Chalrez> heh. client-side cheating technology.
<Noel_ION> Negative light technology CHALREZ!
<Chalrez> woo!
<2prong> <FreshView> will there be modem to modem play
<2prong> or is that no longer worthwhile?
<Noel_ION> Indeed
<2prong> This chat is moderated. Please submit all questions to 2prong.
<Sleestak> over the internet...
<Noel_ION> Er... yeah
<2prong> i think he means direct connection
<2prong> modem to modem ala doom..
<Ion_Shawn> no direct modem connection.
<Sleestak> just over the net, not tested with serial cables
<2prong> <Zerstorer> will Daikatana support 32
<2prong> bit textures?
<Ion_Shawn> Hm... We haven't actually use any, but the code is there.
<Romero> Hello. I wish to speak to........mankind.
<Noel_ION> Bleah!
<KillCreek> 34.
* Noel_ION smacks RomRer'O on Da' Skull!
<Ion_Shawn> :P
<2prong> <Fubar> will DK support A3D or EAX?
<Ion_weasl> mankind is..... not listening...
<Ion_Shawn> Not initially. in a patch
<Sleestak> Yes
<2prong> <Bennyland> how many different
<2prong> weapons, and is there a huge
<2prong> difference between each level, huge
<2prong> difference between level 1 and level
<2prong> last (weapon wise)
<Sleestak> 24 weapons plus a 5 level Daikatana
<Ion_Shawn> 2 of the weapons are duble weapons
<Ion_Shawn> er double...
<2prong> <ImMortal> Will there be a
<2prong> language filter? Like you guys said
<2prong> the sidekicks cuss at ya when u
<2prong> him them (ROFL!!)
<Romero> duble truble
<KillCreek> each set of weapons is quite different, and is designed to match the time period
<Sleestak> They don't get too bad
<2prong> <UberGamer> How many different "levels"
<2prong> does the daikatana have? Also, can you kill guys
<2prong> with the daik and earn experience for the sword
<2prong> and your character?
<Sleestak> Five and Yes
<Chalrez> Points go to the sword or character, not both.
<KillCreek> Uber: 24 "levels" that consist of somewhere near 72 submaps
<KillCreek> really its 24 unique environments 
<Sleestak> Kind of the same but different
<2prong> <Fubar> will all weapons be available in all
<2prong> episodes?
<Ion_Shawn> No, he's talking about the Daikatana
<Sleestak> NO
<Ion_Shawn> THe daikatana has 5 levels and earns experience as you use it
<Chalrez> Right. But points that go to the daikatana do not go to the player. :)
<KillCreek> its either/or
<Romero> TerOmen: almost an hour ago
<Sleestak> You can't bring your Rocket launcher to the Dark Ages...
<2prong> <DKo5> Will there be demo recording in
<2prong> DK? Like in Q, Q2, Q3, UT, etc. and if so,
<2prong> how easily will it be done?
<Chalrez> One of the many mysteries of time travel, eh?
<Noel_ION> No... we here at ION have solved the mystery of time travel
<Chalrez> Aw, come on, most of the time, we don't even know what day it is. :)
<Sleestak> Demos will be included in the patch for those who want that
<Noel_ION> ..*sigh*... true...true
<Ion_Shawn> Demo recording will not be in the initial release ( unless I can slip it in ) and it will work just like quake2 demo ecording
<Sleestak> Demo recording i mean
<Noel_ION> heheh... slip it in?
<Romero> ecording
<Chalrez> uhoh.
<2prong> <WARHAWK> I recall the Quake2
<2prong> engine not handling wide open spaces
<2prong> very well. I also recall in several DK
<2prong> previews areas of wide-scale area in the
<2prong> game. Did you guys do anything to the
<2prong> engine to make it handle wide open
<2prong> spaces better or will the framerate drop
<2prong> sharply when you go from corridor to
<2prong> cathedral-like area?
<Ion_Shawn> If you know enough to correct me, you know what I mean...
<Romero> haha
<Romero> ha
<Ion_Shawn> Nope, we haven't done anything to ake the engine handle wide open spaces better.
<Ion_Shawn> ake = make
<Romero> We did one thing, then took it out though. Heh.
<Ion_weasl> we just have badass level designers!
<Sleestak> But it doesn't chunk in our spaces though
<Sleestak> all level design...
<2prong> <em4> how much has the feel of the game
<2prong> changed since the mplayer demo? (if at all)
<Sleestak> Quite alot I think. Much more polished
<Noel_ION> It feels good to me...
* Noel_ION *pinches the game*
<Noel_ION> Yeop.. pretty nice
<Sleestak> Lot's of neat details you don't miss until they're not there.
<Chalrez> Yeah! rock!
<KillCreek> oh wow .. the demo actually contained very little of the game. But the game overall looks tons better. The new skies are really amazing, lots of polish and detail.
<Romero> The demo had almost NOTHING in it.
<KillCreek> that "demo" wasnt even really a demo .. 
<Chalrez> yeah. the skies... woo.
<Romero> woo
<Sleestak> It was a tournament device heh
<Ion_weasl> w00
<KillCreek> there will be a real SP and MP demo out after the game release though. That will be the real deal and representative of the full game.
<2prong> <_ArA_> What is the weapon
<2prong> switching delay time in multiplayer?
<Romero> You can have INSTANT SWITCH weapons if you like in muliplayer
<Chalrez> It is either 'fast' or dependent on the weapon's animation.
<Noel_ION> oo
<Sleestak> You can set instant switch or not in the options
<2prong> <ImMortal> What are the sizes of 1v1 maps compared
<2prong> to Gibbler on the Roof and Storm Sector 7?
<Sleestak> Those maps are somewhat smaller on average
<Ion_weasl> alot of the other dm maps are smaller more resonable size, ala quake size
<KillCreek> There are a few maps in there that will be excellent for 1 vs 1
<2prong> <linear> How is the coop play in Diakatana??
<2prong> sp..
<KillCreek> and we have converted some of the SP maps to be playable in DM as well .. and a few of those will be great for 1 on 1
<Noel_ION> From what I hear it is awesome
<Chalrez> Rockin.
<Rocketman> great
<Noel_ION> (been codin' my arse off)
<Thanatos> the coop is AWESOME...... a real blast
<Sleestak> CO-OP is WAY fun
<KillCreek> The coop is *very* fun .. john and I were just playing through episode 3 last night. Turn on hard more .. and its insane!
<KillCreek> more = mode
<Ion_weasl> it should only be played on hardmode
<Ion_weasl> ;)
<Sleestak> Yea, tons of monsters attacking you
<Ion_weasl> i had to add in extra monsters just for coop
<KillCreek> and for SP medium is already very difficult
<Chalrez> hard = 'dayom that's alot of monsters'
<Thanatos> definitely keeps you busy
<2prong> <linear> Must you have the side-kick AI in coop
<2prong> mode or can it be just you and your friends?
<KillCreek> Its extremely challenging to us, and we fancy ourselves fairly decent players :)
<Chalrez> No AI in coop (except monsters!)
* Ion_weasl coughs
<2prong> <DJ_RETRO> Are you going to put mass
<2prong> destruction weapons on 1v1 maps?
<Sleestak> You can select which weapons are allowed on all dM maps
<Ion_weasl> i tend not to place the god weapons on the smaller maps
<KillCreek> retro: some of the maps have them, some dont -- but there is a sever options to turn off any one specific weapon. So if you dont like the most hardcore weapon, you disable it.
<2prong> <UberGamer> If one of your
<2prong> sidekicks dies can you eat them and
<2prong> receive a health bonus?
<2prong> lol..
<Ion_weasl> no
<Noel_ION> HAHAHA no
<Ion_weasl> you die
<KillCreek> hahahaha
<Chalrez> hmmm.
<Sleestak> Haven
<Chalrez> how long would that take Noel?
<2prong> mikikko tastes damn good..
<Noel_ION> This isn't Wolf 3D
<Noel_ION> :)
<2prong> heh
<Sleestak> Haven't tried it...
<KillCreek> you must keep your sidekicks alive to continue through the game
<Noel_ION> uhhhh
<Ion_weasl> your side kicks hold the battery to your pacemaker, and them dieing kills you
<2prong> wait..
<2prong> err..
<Noel_ION> You die from a broken heart
<Sleestak> ahha
<Chalrez> *sniff*
<2prong> lol
<Noel_ION> :P
<Sleestak> what's with all the name changing?
<2prong> <linear> Excuse the question, but is
<2prong> there *any* idea on date the game will go
<2prong> gold?
<Ion_weasl> NO
<Noel_ION> When it is done
<2prong> had to ask.. :)
<KillCreek> lin: very, very, very soon.
<Sleestak> Damn you and your question!!!
<Noel_ION> that will be the day it goes gold
<Chalrez> There are plenty of ideas. :)
<KillCreek> Let me just say, we have plane tix to go to Hawaii on this coming Sunday, and we are not looking to reschedule.
<Sleestak> Imminent
<Sleestak> We're at 9 centimeters and in the cab
<KillCreek> hahahahahahah
<Sleestak> Just kidding chords...
<2prong> <janitor> With the diferent weapons
<2prong> through out the episodes and levels will
<2prong> DK still be usable for competitive gaming?
<Chalrez> Oh yes! It can get downright nasty.
<KillCreek> janitor: Absolutely, in fact we hope it will be used!
<Ion_weasl> only if your hardcore enough to learn to use em all
<2prong> <_ArA_> Are development tools being included
<2prong> with the game cd?
<KillCreek> i believe so, yes
<Noel_ION> Except for me... I wouldn't fit
<2prong> hehe
<Thanatos> ship Noel!
<Chalrez> free Noel in every box!
<2prong> huhuhu
<2prong> he's from texas you see...
<KillCreek> take the baldie .. please!
<Noel_ION> Yeah... TEXAS SIZE
* Ion_weasl auctions off noel on ebay
<2prong> ouch..
<KillCreek> texas size chaos
<Noel_ION> Uh ok next question
<Noel_ION> :)
<2prong> $2.50
<2prong> heh
<KillCreek> $13.99
<2prong> <ratt_away> so just how excited
<2prong> are you guys that the release is
<2prong> imminent?
<Noel_ION> woo
<Noel_ION> 8ge9y8ta398yq35gr;oa3g;p24h;oqg3ihqg35;liknq35g
<Chalrez> rock!
<Thanatos> WOO-HOOO!!!!!
<Chalrez> ...or something. :)
<Rocketman> ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
<Sleestak> Uh... words cannot relay...
* Noel_ION *Does back flips*
<KillCreek> ratt: Oh my god. There are not words. We have worded very hard, for very long ... and the game is just looking great. Im TOTALLY excited!
<Ion_weasl> can you say.. normal work hours, and vacation?
<Thanatos> what's a vacation?
<Noel_ION> can you say change my underwear?
<Chalrez> uhh. I'm not going there...
<2prong> That's it kiddos!! Look for a log of this chat on the Daily Informant..
<Sleestak> oooo, smells nasty in here