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March 16, 2000 (VAPOuR TRAiL)

Here is updated version of our web site. I have optimized it for lower and higher resolution settings. Our forum continues to kick azz since many people are posting there now. Post something yourself! No matter whether you are a newbie with a question or a l33t player with an opinion.

Many questions about the game have been answered during this week. The new is up and Ion Storm was answering questions on IRC (chat log) and PDK. Since I have been to every event, I have many answers for you if you have any.

During Ion talk on IRC KillCreek has mentioned that they have tickets to Hawaii this Sunday and they are not going to change the date of their trip. This could mean that DK can go Gold tomorrow. Or can it be that Ion delays DK again to go to Hawaii?...Lets just Wait and see.
Omg!!!...look at this. Its hilarious!
DK Special

March 03, 2000 (DJ KAMAKAZI)

All I can say is "FUCK!!!". I hear today that Daikatana is delayed AGAIN!?! I just don't know anymore what to believe but what I do know this..... I can't buy
Daikatana yet! In other news, CLaN DJ is keeping strong and staying on top @ Mplayer. We all hope that Mplayer will kick their servers bandwidth up a notch for the full but we will never hold our breath.

I would like to welcome our newest member to the family... DJ vISOR (ex vISOR_GERMANY). His skillz and speed are exceptional after playing UT and Lan DK. We have no doubt he will go top 5 and represent our CLaN well.

Read our forums to really see our up to date news on DK romance and soap operas within the community. We still have the great KORN aka. H9 Sinister aka. DiOXiDE aka. h9prophet (or whatever other 10 names he uses) to give us great laughter at his amazing stupidity and his ability to smack talk 24hrs a day.

February 15, 2000 (DJ KAMAKAZI)

The New CLaN DJ Web Page is up now. We have a great TACTICS section as well as sections for FILES and FORUMS. Please drop us a line at our forums and tell us whether this web site sucks or that it's fine. CLaN DJ members should be taking in-game screenshots and emailing them to DJ KAMAKAZI. They will go up right away. The FILES section will be updated when the full game is shipped. There, you will find a lot of new maps, demo movies, fastruns, and various mods. We will be constantly updating the general news on our front page so that you know what is going on.
Thank you for visiting our site and I hope it will be a useful resource for you. Peace

February 15 ,2000 (VAPOuR TRAiL)

PDK has a new screenshot of  the latest version of Daikatana (the sword itself). Check it out on their looks pretty kewl.

End of the news page

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