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  Map Picture

This one speaks for itself. Here are the latest and archived DK custom maps, addons and epizodes. Everything is tested on gameplay and reviewed by me.



Mods are new weapons, new models, physical game modifications etc.




To use any script, copy a file to "Data" directory. Then open the console inside the game with "~" key and type: exec scriptfilename.cfg. To assign the script to any other key, you will have to open desired cfg file, find the line starting with a word "bind" and change the key there. Enjoy


This script will allow you to assign the whole painful rocket jump procedure to any button of your choice! This script will perform the highest r/j possible with minor damage to yourself.



This is little strafe jump script. It assigns 2 actions to 1 button. These would be strafe left + jump and to the second button you can assign strafe right + jump. This will make you go faster in a game if your azz is slow, but it takes a little bit to get used to. For additional info and questions ask me in our forums.



This file contains the set of commands which would help you tweak all the video settings to fit your PC. THIS IS FOR THE FULL VERSION OF THE GAME, NOT DEMO. Additional info is inside the file or just ask whatever you need in our forums.




This section contains in game music mp3 files as well as other music from the same composers and bands. All music is in mp3 format and it is unzipped, since mp3 is compressed format already.



These are the useful programs for your hardware to make it easier for you to play Daikatana. These programs are NOT cheats and they don't modify any files or settings of the game

This program will allow you to open the pak0.pak file. This is where all the maps, sounds, gfx and skins are stored. If you need to import anything from the "pak" file or just look through it, this is the program for you.


Since demo playback is not supported in the final version of Daikatana, this sectiion will be empty. Demo mode will be enabled in a patch coming shortly after full DK is released.



Here you will find various programs for making/editing levels for Daikatana. I will also post various mod making programs here. This will be a great place for l33t l3v3l designers.



Over here I have various files containing humor, not directly Daikatana related files and miscellaneous stuff.



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