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would like to thank the whole crew of Ion Storm for making Daikatana. Special thanks are to: John Romero (For being da big boss and keeping his shit 2getha), Stivie "KillCreek" Case (For nice PR, GREAT looks and making maps), Luke "weasl" Whiteside (For working his ass off over those kick ass levels meanwhile finding time to chat to us in PDK forums), Kelly Hoerner (For fixing up those cheats and replying to endless e-mails), Larry 'Rocketman' Herring (For designing so hard and showing up on mplayer)
Thx guys

Also CLaN DJ would like to thank PlanetDaikatana for having one of the best sites for Daikatana funs. Thanks to Gollywog and TheZealot for getting those news so fast and efficient and keeping up this great site.
Great Job DooooDz

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